Mission Critical.Media



Workflow Engineering & Consulting

Today's productions need a plan of how to get from Production to Post Production seamlessly, on budget, and within the time frame allotted. Whether its a multi-million dollar award show or an indie feature, Mission Critical Media is dedicated to making sure your production's intellectual property is delivered with safely, and on time.

We take a hands-on-approach to help determine the best format and digital acquisition methods to meet your production's needs.  Our consulting includes resolution, frame rate, codec, and format choice, recording platforms, editing software, storage needs, time restraints, and labor support. 

Mission Critical Media is dedicated to bridging the gap between Production & Post Production.

Current consulting  clients include Viacom, Netflix, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as Indie productions and shows. 


Operators & Recordists

The best recordist have an appreciation for past technologies, an aspiration to conquer current hardware & software, and an excitement for this ever changing field.

Operators certified under the Mission Critical educational program have a complete understanding of networking, codecs, workflows, computer platforms, editing software, and storage solutions. These technicians today are referred to
"The Artists Formally Known as Tape Ops." 

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Education & Training

How do we train the next generation of video engineers?

A key component to Mission Critical Media's philosophy is the education and training of the next generation of Video Engineers.  Without a specific career path, Jillian pieced together an education that she felt would prepare her for the type of media management and digital acquisition work she sought out. She then created a series of instructional classes, and partnered with affiliates like IATSE Local 695's Sound and Engineering to help prepare video engineers for the next generation of TV and Film technology.

There are three main components to a Video Engineer's education:
1. A creative & technical knowledge base of TV & Film Industry's history.
2. A mentorship with a well-seasoned professional, currently working in the field.
3. Continuing education beyond current technologies.

Jillian has also partnered with companies like Pronology and Sony to help create certification and mentorship programs for those looking to branch into server recording technology.